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CarbonKids aims to provide primary and secondary schools with     IMG_6111

resources enabling them to encourage their community to address

Climate Change through teaching about the science of carbon.


For more information please call 6276 6804 or go to




ACT Waterwatch

What is Waterwatch?
Upper Murrumbidgee Waterwatch is part of a national community water quality monitoring program that brings people together from all parts of the community to raise awareness, educate, monitor, restore and protect our precious waterways.

For more information, please contact your ACT Waterwatch Facilitator on 6207 2246 or go to


ACT Frogwatch

What is Frogwatch?
Frogwatch is a community frog monitoring program that aims to involve large numbers of volunteers of all ages to undertake frog monitoring and protect frog habitats.
In National Water Week, the 3rd week of October each year, over 200 Frogwatch participants monitor frog populations at approximately 140 sites around the ACT and Region. Frogwatch participants attend a training seminar where they learn all about the fascinating world of frogs, how to monitor them, and ways to help protect them and their habitats. Frogwatch monitoring can be done all year round, but the focus is on National Water Week in October each year. This is when the majority of ACT frog species tend to be actively calling and mating.

To find out more or get involved, go to or email the ACT Frogwatch Coordinator on


Scientists in Schools

Register today for Scientists in Schools - a new learning experience that allows scientists and schools to work together across Australia. Teachers and scientists who register are matched to form partnerships and work together in a way that suits both partners, with the aim of providing inspiration, fun and learning for students, teachers and scientists alike.

Link up and Learn

About Scientists in Schools


Interested? Register today so we can find you a partner. Visit for lots of ideas and information and to register online. You can also email or call 02 6276 6397 for more information. 


Supporting Organisations - ACT Government | Environment and Sustainable Development Directorate

The ACT Government has established our Department to consolidate and build on our capacity to respond to climate change.

The department's vision is to make Canberra known not just as the national capital but also the solar capital — a model for other communities to follow.

For more information go to


AAEE (Australian Association for Environmental Education)

Students carrying buckets

Members of AAEE believe sustainability education is vital.

AAEE’s approach to promoting environmental education is positive, cooperative

and inclusive. Over almost 30 years, AAEE has worked with government and

non-government organisations in the interests of quality education and environmental change.

Fore more information and to join the association go to



Australian National Botanic Gardens (ANBG)

We offer an array of hands-on engaging, curriculum-linked, educational experiences.

Students will have the unique experience of seeing native plants from four of Australia's major ecosystems – the mallee, alpine, rainforest and grassland regions – all within one easily accessible site. Around one third of Australia's plant species grow in the Gardens. No other botanic gardens in Australia can provide this learning experience.

For more information go to


ACT Conservation Council

The Conservation Council is the peak environmental organisation for the Canberra Region, their mission is to achieve the highest quality environment for Canberra and the surrounding region.

The ACT Conservation Council represent the interests of community conservation organisations in the region as well as the broader environmental interests of all the citizens of the ACT. The Council's mission is to achieve the highest quality environment for the Canberra region.

For more information go to


ACT Landcare

Landcare is a uniquely Australian partnership between the community, government and business to 'do something practical' about protecting and repairing our environment. More than 4,000 volunteer community landcare groups -  including bushcare and urban landcare, rivercare, coastcare and sustainable agriculture groups - aretackling land degradation in every corner of Australia.

For more information about Landcare in the ACT go to


Conservation Volunteers Australia

Conservation Volunteers is Australia’s leading practical conservation organisation.

Since 1982 Conservation Volunteers has fulfilled its mission to attract and manage a force of volunteers in practical conservation projects for the betterment of the Australian environment.

Conservation Volunteers Australia has received many awards recognising our work and the commitment of our volunteers.

For more information go to


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