What is ACTSmart Schools?

ACTSmart Schools is the ACT Government’s implementation of the ACTSmart Schools Program. The ACTSmart Schools Program is a partnership of the Australian Government, the States and Territories that supports schools to work towards a sustainable future.

ACTSmart Schools is a whole-of-school approach to improve the school's management of resources and facilities including energy, waste, water, biodiversity and school grounds, products and materials. It also addresses educational, social and economic issues associated with the sustainable management of a school.

Who can participate?

The ACT is the only jurisdiction in Australia to have all schools (both government and non-government) registered to the program.

How does my school benefit?

ACTSmart Schools can assist schools to save energy and water, increase recycling, protect biodiversity, cut greenhouse gas emissions and integrate sustainability into the curriculum.

Schools involved in ACTSmart Schools are provided with:

ACTSmart Schools offers an accreditation scheme to recognise schools’ achievements. Schools that have implemented recommendations from the best practice guides and/or audits and have managed to reduce their ‘ecological footprint’ can be accredited in a particular focus area (energy, water, waste, school grounds/biodiversity and curriculum). Schools that are awarded accreditation in a focus area receive a framed certificate and sustainability resources.

Find out more and get your school involved

For more information email ACTSmart@act.gov.au or call the ACTSmart Schools Officers on 6207 6430 or 6205 1093.